Roundtable discussion: Responsible Business’s call for a Level Playing Field

European Parliament’s working group will hold a roundtable discussion on the importance of a level playing field in regards to human rights due diligence. Many companies already bear the responsibility for their human rights impacts and allocate considerable resources to implementing human rights due diligence in their global supply chains.  Other companies do not. In the global marketplace, it is still possible to gain undue competitive advantage by ignoring international human rights standards.

Now more and more companies in Europe are raising their voice in demand of a level playing field and sanctioning of free riders. Several Member States have processes on going for human rights due diligence legislation. It would be high time for an EU-wide legislative framework for human rights due diligence in order to avoid a patchwork of national legislations. What would companies wish to see in terms of human rights due diligence regulation? This round table will address this question with companies presenting their views of the current situation and their aspirations with regards to EU regulation.

The roundtable discussion will be held in the European Parliament on Thursday 8th November 9.30-13.00. To attend the event, please register yourself by sending an email to

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