Commission’s Due Diligence Study launched

The Study of due diligence requirement through the supply chains focuses on due diligence requirements to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for adverse corporate impacts (abuses of human rights, including the rights of the child and fundamental freedoms, serious bodily injury or health risks, environmental damage, including with respect to climate). It examines existing market

Landmark research shows troubling poor quality of reporting on sustainability issues

Published by Alliance for Corporate Transparency, initiative led by Frank Bold The Alliance for Corporate Transparency, a collaborative initiative launched by Frank Bold, analysed the information that companies disclosed on their environmental and societal risks and impacts following the requirements introduced by the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive. The research arrives at the same time that

Consumer Co-ops: Enablers of Ethically Sound Supply Chains

On 23 January, Euro Coop hosted in Brussels the Roundtable ‘Ethically Sound Supply Chains: A Consumer Co-operative Perspective’ in partnership with the Vice-President of the European Parliament Heidi Hautala. Consumer co-operatives were pinpointed as key enablers of ethically sound supply chains because of their unique values-based business model. Euro Coop Vice-President Albino Russo opened the event by stating:

Call to reform corporate governance more sustainable

Over 60 signatories from the fields of company law, corporate governance and management issued recently a statement “Corporate Governance for Sustainability” that includes specific policy recommendations to clarify the obligations of company boards and directors in order to make corporate governance practice significantly more sustainable and focused on the long term. The recommendations were published

100 organisations call for EU law to address abuses in supply chains

Companies and financial institutions should be legally bound to address human rights and environmental impact of their global operations and supply chains. The article was originally published on Anti-Slavery International website. Over 100 civil society organisations and trade unions have called on the European Union to develop effective legislation that would oblige companies and financial